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I am a wife, to an excellent chef, my husband Dave, and a mother to my son, Henrik. And also a dog mom to a cute pug, Pugga! My son is extra fantastic with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism. Since he was born in 2015 he helped me realize that life is too precious not to capture and hold on to for forever.  

So here I am living my out my passion & dream to capture photographs of amazing people! I am so happy you are here to join me on the journey!

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Henrik + Dave

My Journey

This amazing journey of mine started in high school when I fell in love with photographing landscapes. (Now you can see why I LOVE working in the mountains!) Over the years my passion has expanded while my photography evolved into SO much more.

Today I love capturing raw emotions, genuine smiles, and laughter you will never forget the sound of. There is something truly special about capturing people in a photograph. Whether it is a wedding, a portrait, or a family photograph... time stops and is frozen forever to be passed down from generation to generation. 

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Sunsets > "Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully."
dogs > Pugs
coffee > white mocha
mountains > The Smokies 
movies > Dirty Dancing
fall > cool nights,the colors, cozy clothes, camp fires 
disney Parks > Animal Kingdom
hockey > Nashville Predators
beer > VooDoo


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